• Toluwani Obayan


Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Toluwani Obayan is passionate about the potency of change inspiring narratives. This has found expression through her published academic article “Audience Perception of Nollywood’s Recurrent Movie Themes as Agents of Socio-cultural Development” and narrative articles such as “the Tale of a Disgruntled Pair of Nigerian Flip-Flops” (a satirical protest against child abuse). She is also the Writer, Director, and Editor of the short film, “Heart and Might” dedicated to Nigeria’s fallen heroes, and the author of the book “Becoming a Spectacular Woman”. Currently, she serves as the Head Writer of 'The Other News' (Nigeria’s foremost premier news and political satire show) and works as a Screenwriter and Script Consultant with top Nigerian Directors and Producers.

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